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Fingerprint & 10 Key buttons




Fingerprint & 10 Key buttons

& 2.4 ㎓ Remote controller

Keyless security door locks


Features classification for PED-5000F series

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Basic Features

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System Locking Function





Remote controller Function





<Remark> A : Available, N/A : Not Available
Basic Features

Combination of Fingerprint & Password
A remaining trace and copy of fingerprint can not used to identify because the system indentifies alive inner skin fingerprint by applying 508dpi hi-resolution sensor and True print technology.
You can register up to 90 fingerprints, 5 user passwords and 1 master password.
You can enter by using a password of 3 to 15 digits when your fingerprint is unreadable, due to injury or the fingerprint sensor being damaged.


Users ID Identification Function
It is convenient to mage registration and deletion of fingerprint & password by giving each a separate ID.
Fingerprint IDs are 01 to 90, user password IDs are 91 to 95 and master password ID is 99.


Master Function to limit Registration & Deletion
Only master can limit or permit registration & deletion of user's fingerprints and passwords.


Password Exposure protection Function
This system is applied of fake number function for password exposure protection against another person.


Waterproof & Protection Circuit Function against High voltage shock
Using waterproof coating and insulated parts protect a circuit board from High voltage static electricity and moisture caused by temperature change.


System Suspension Function
This function can't be operated for 30 seconds when identification is refused 5times continuously.


Self-Checking and Operation display Function
It indicates the condition of the door lock system by a status display window or beep sound.


System Reset Function
This function returns the door lock system to normal condition when the system encounters anything unusual without the damage of the original system.


Back Light Function and Luminous button for Emergency escape at night
LED Back Light allows easy use of door lock system at night and Luminous button on inside body assist to quick escape when it happen to fire or power failure at night


Convenient Function for Blind and Deaf
The blind and deaf can easily find what number it is on the button which they select.


Individual and All Deletion Function of Fingerprint & Password
You can delete registered fingerprint & password individually, and also all delete registered fingerprints & passwords via indentify the master password.


Auto and Manual Locking Function
When Auto locking function is activated, the door lock system is locked automatically within 3 seconds after opening & closing the door.(The door lock is locked automatically within 7 seconds after just opening the lock unit not door)
If you frequently access, please use to change to the Manual locking function


Voice guidance and Beep sound Function
An automated and beep sound indicate the stat and function of a system.


Voice volume Control & Mute Function
You can control the volume of voice guidance and select the mute mode.


Warning Intruder and Warning Function against Forced Trespass
Any forceful attempt to disassemble the door lock is detected and alarmed.


Tracking Function
This function can display the last 20 users of a door by using their individual ID without connected your computer


Dual Locking Function
When users came to indoor, if you need a high level security, you can use this function.


Notification Function of Battery Change
The system notifies you to change the battery via a automatically voice guidance & a status display the window.(When your fingerprint identification is failed 3 times continuously after this notification, you can only a password)


Emergency Power Supply Function
This function makes it possible to enter using DC 9V battery(square type) terminal located of outside body when the main battery is all discharged. (After you enter the inner, please be change all batteries in inside body)


Fire warning Function
If the temperature is risen to indoor due to fire, this system notifies you to escape from indoor by fire warning alarm.

Special Option Features

System Password Function (Model No.: PED-5000FS/5000FSR)
The integrated locking function can be used by additionally registering a system password (ID:98) of 3~15 digits.


System Integrated Locking Function (Model No.: PED-5000FS/5000FSR)
When the integrated locking function is set using the registered system password, all access, including access using the registered fingerprint, user password, and master password, is restricted. This function is effective for lease business operators or places that require special security.


Remote Controller Function (PED-5000FR/5000FSR)

Applying the ISM BAND 2.4GHz RF remote controlling technique, this function enables the user to control the door-lock system without having to press the indoor OPEN button.
This function is effective for places with a large indoor space.

Installation Guide Drawing
Components of the Product
1. Outside Body
2. Inside Body
Product Specifications
Major Spec
Name of Product FINGERSTAR
Model Number PED-5000F / 5000FR / 5000FS / 5000FSR
Sensing Method 508dpi High-resolution Hard coating Fingerprint sensor (High-performance Algorithm)
Identification Method 1:N (Within 1 second)
Number of users Fingerprint : 90ea / User Password : 5ea / Master password : 1ea System Password : 1ea
False Acceptance Rate 0.0001%
False Rejection Rate 0.001%
Battery Life About 12 months (for about 10 uses per day) / Access time : 4,000 times
Password 3 to 15 digits
Exterior Spec Operation Environment
Material Aluminum alloy. Zinc AlloyTemperature-35℃ ~ 85℃
Color  Silver & Red(Basic), Color choices (Option)Humidity10~90%
Dimension Outside body88mm(W) x 154mm(L) x 46.0mm(D) / 431g  
 Inside body90mm(W) x 154mm(L) x 43.5mm(D) / 553g  
Power Source  DC6V : 1.5V-AA Size Alkaline Battery 4ea or 8ea

 DC9V : Alkaline Square type Battery (For Emergency Power)


Keyless security door locks